Emmanuel Ajanma joined the Barre Unified Union School District in 2014 after more than ten years of working in different non-profit organizations. At BUUSD, he serves as the Director of Technology for all of the Barre public schools. He began as the Technology Integration Specialist at Central Vermont Career Center, training the staff and students on a variety of emerging technologies that enhance the teaching and learning. He collaborated with teachers in composing effective technology-infused content-based lessons. He also piloted the one to one with Chromebooks for all the programs. Before joining the BUUSD faculty, he has delivered many seminars and workshops for the principals and teachers of the Catholic schools in Vermont and has served in many administrative positions in various organizations, both in Nigeria and in the United States.

In addition to being a Google Certified Trainer, he holds a Master’s Degree (MA) in Educational Technology, and earned COSN’s Certified Educational Technology Leaders (CETL) certificate. He also holds a Master’s degree in Theology/Religion and Bachelors degree in Philosophy both awarded by Pontifical Urban University Rome, Italy. 

Outside of professional interests, he plays volleyball, golf, loves watching soccer and listening to music and traveling. Visit his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to learn more about him.

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